Raei machinery by the use of experienced staffs and day & night working succeeded in designing and manufacturing the first constant slope warping machine in Iran. promoting our brand in international markets with participating in international exhibitions and cooperating with Asian and European companies is one of our brilliant achievement

Following strategies help us to promote our brand

Reducing delivery time

Keeping competitive cost

Improving relations with customers

Marketing on a worldwide

Keeping competitive quality and increasing customers' satisfaction

Attracting customers' attention and improving exports

Improving after-sale services and accelerating it

Creating secure and safe environment

Producing high quality products in the shortest time and lowest cost


History of company

Raei machinery has started its activity in the field textile machinery since 1992.

Our sectional warping machine with the main feature of round drum and using servo motor and servo drive attracted visitors attention in exhibition 2005. And now Raei machinery is the  only producer that is able to produce machines to warp yarn of pure weight up to 1500 kg


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Our goals

Improving knowledge and qualification of individual levels

Using modern technology and considering infrastructures

Knowing and satisfying customers' requirements in order to increase their satisfaction

Supplying various warping machine with high level of security. and considering security factors based on standards and modern technologies in order to develop texture industry

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